talkSPORT pundit Trevor Sinclair has accused Sam Allardyce of deliberately exposing the transfer agreement that stopped Robert Snodgrass from playing for West Brom last night. 

The clause in the contract is now under investigation by the Premier League.

The controversy was talked about on the White & Jordan Show on talkSPORT (Wednesday, 11am).

Jim White said, “Was there any breach in rules over this gentleman’s agreement? Pre-match Sam said that was an agreement between the clubs. We could only get the agreement done with that agreement. He changed his tune slightly after the game.”

Simon Jordan said, “Sam has thrown them under the bus, with all due respect… He’s stupid to answer it like that.”

And Sinclair went one step further, accusing Big Sam of deliberately exposing the clause as a means of exacting revenge against the West Ham owners after they got rid of him as manager back in 2015.

“Is it a slip of the tongue or is it deliberate?” Sinclair said. “We know about his relationship with the West Ham owners.

“I suspect he did it on purpose and then went back on it. Rule 1.7 of the Premier League says you can’t have any choice whether a player plays against you.”

Hope this doesn’t backfire

It seems odd that no one at West Brom knew that the clause would cause problems if it got out.

And, if people were aware of it, it would make sense for the club to have a prepared line when asked about Snodgrass.

Allardyce was always going to be asked why he was missing from the line-up last night and he was very up front about what had happened.

Could it be revenge against West Ham? If it is, we hope that Big Sam knows that only West Ham are likely to get into trouble over this.

It’s West Ham that wanted the clause so West Brom are the innocent party here, although they did sign off on it.

It does seem that Allardyce was told to change to a “no comment” after the game when he said he had more important things to talk about than what the Premier League might do.

David Moyes was curter and told reporters it was none of their business.

Unfortunately, as soon as Big Sam revealed the clause it became everyone’s business.

In other West Brom news, Albion want to sign this Benfica centre-forward.

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