By Nick Ware

21st Sep, 2021 | 3:10pm

Adrian Goldberg urges West Brom fans to end 'vile' chant about rival club's player

Adrian Goldberg has expressed his disgust at a chant he heard from some West Brom fans during Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Preston North End.

Speaking on The Liquidator Podcast [20/09/21], the radio presenter and Albion fan was horrified by what he heard at Deepdale on the weekend.

“A chant I heard in the ground at Preston, I don’t want to go into the details of the chants, I’m just hoping this chant does not come on, and if you’re a singer at football matches as I am, just please don’t join in this chant,” he urged.

“So this is a chant about a player who plays for a rival club and it’s a vile chant about this person which isn’t true, it’s demonstrably not true. It’s horrible.

“As a fan, of course, you slate your local rivals, you needle them, you give them banter.  But you’re a human being, and they are human beings as well. When chants get going, and there was a lot of noise for Albion, when you get in that mood, when someone strikes up a chant, then people just join in with it because it’s the next chant and everybody wants to keep the atmosphere and the noise going, so this chant did get a little bit do traction at Preston.

“My worry is, then, that like a lot of chants get a lot of traction at away games, it then gets picked up at home games and becomes one of our chants.

“If you were at Preston you will know what I’m talking about. It’s a chant that is vile and untrue about an opposition player.

“Please don’t do it, it doesn’t do our football club any good at all. There are lines you do not cross.”


How disappointing, and disgusting, it is to hear of yet more vile abuse towards professional footballers.

Just because they earn big money, and are constantly in the public eye, doesn’t mean they should be subjected to offensive and degrading chants or taunts.

There has already been an incident reported from Saturday’s draw at Preston, with PNE Police Twitter confirming on Monday evening [20/09/21] that they were in contact with the club after an allegation was made of racist taunts towards Albion full-back Darnell Furlong from a Preston supporter.

Now there are also concerning reports regarding a chant in the away end.

It’s unacceptable, and the chant needs to be clamped down on by each and every fan that ever hears it again.

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