By West Brom News speaking to Kevin Phillips

10th Oct, 2021 | 2:10pm

Kevin Phillips shares verdict on Callum Robinson-COVID row

We’re delighted to welcome former West Brom striker Kevin Phillips as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at The Hawthorns…

Kevin Phillips has shared his verdict on the major controversy surrounding West Brom forward Callum Robinson this week.

The Irish international was one of the first football players to come and admit that he hasn’t yet had the vaccine for COVID-19.

It has sparked quite some controversy, but Phillips admits that you can’t force someone to have the jab and respects his decision.

Speaking exclusively to West Brom News, Phillips said, “It’s his preference, you can’t force someone to have the jab.

“My own personal feeling is I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t get jabbed. I just think the way the world is and the way it is going, just get it done.

“It could prevent you from doing certain things, travelling, but at the end of the day it’s his own preference. Credit for him coming out and you have to respect that.”


This story has been everywhere this week, with Robinson put on the spot for his own verdict on the jab and the virus.

As an international player, you would expect them to have the vaccine given that some countries require that at this stage to enter them.

ESPN journalist Ewan Mackenna even accused some of bullying Robinson for his choice and creating some sort of “witch hunt” online.

This will all soon blow over, but should a further development on the vaccine or COVID-19 happen in weeks and months to come, it could become yet another talking point.

Phillips is spot on, no one can force Robinson to change his mind and those speaking out need to realise that they are doing no one any good.

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