Former West Brom kitman Pat Frost has revealed what Nicolas Anelka said about his infamous quenelle celebration straight after the game at West Ham in 2013.

Netflix have this week released the Anelka: Misunderstood documentary that centres on Anelka’s career and he discusses at length about performing the anti-Semitic salute that led to him being sacked by the Baggies and fined by the FA.

In the documentary, Anelka said that the quenelle celebration was aimed at Steve Clarke, who he developed a sour relationship with at The Hawthorns and was sacked some time before he scored his first Baggies goal at West Ham in December 2013.

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However, Frost has revealed that Anelka’s story was quite different when he was asked to explain his celebration in the dressing room at Upton Park.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, the former Baggies kitman said: “Strange he said that. In the dressing [room] after the game he immediately said it was nothing and denied the celebration.”

This just goes to show how Anelka will do anything to suggest he did nothing wrong by performing the quenelle salute at West Ham.

Writing on Twitter to defend himself back in 2013, Anelka said that his celebration was “a dedication to Dieudonne“, who is a controversial French comedian that has previously been found guilty of condoning terrorism. BBC News says that his quenelle salute has been likened to “an inverted Nazi salute”.

For him to come out and now say that performing an anti-Semitic gesture was aimed at Clarke – a Scottish Catholic – is an abomination.

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For those who watch Anelka’s documentary, you have little sympathy for any of the controversies that surrounded him in his entire career.

The quenelle controversy was the worst of the lot and he has only gone and made it a lot more worse by claiming that the man who offered him a chance back in English football was who he aimed the disgusting gesture at.

In other West Brom news, Albion are set to bid £7.2million for this international attacker.

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