By Danny Wright

15th Mar, 2020 | 5:08pm

Lawyer details 'devastating' outcome for West Brom in PL promotion bid

Lawyer Richard Cramer has admitted that if the season is not restarted until May or later, there is a chance that West Brom will have to start their promotion bid over again.

As it stands, Leeds United are top of the Championship, one point ahead of West Brom, who are six points clear of third-placed Fulham.

Leeds and the Baggies have occupied the two automatic promotion spots pretty much all season and many would continue to back them to seal returns to the Premier League if football does resume, as planned, on April 3.

However the likelihood of that happening seems slim and Cramer has claimed that the season will have to be null and voided if it is not restarted until after April.

“Get the games going in April and I think we should be alright,” he told Sky Sports, as quoted by the Birmingham Mail.

“But if we go through to May or June then I think it’s almost inevitable that, it’s almost the equivalent of what happened in the world wars, the season just has to be cancelled.

“Then we start all over again, which is obviously devastating for the likes of Leeds United and West Brom, both those clubs are on the verge of promotion.

“It’s not a great thought, but they’ll just have to abide by what the majority say and what decision is made by the board of directors.”

It is hard to see clubs letting this happen.

There are too many teams that will not be happy to void off the season as if it didn’t happen.

Look at Liverpool, who were just weeks away from securing their first-ever Premier League title before the coronavirus-enforced suspension of football.

Leicester, Sheffield United and Wolves all had chances of qualifying for the Champions League while other teams in the Championship, chasing a spot in the play-offs, would also be hurt by this.

If this was to happen then there would be lawsuits for years and all hell would break loose.

Although it might be the easiest option, it is also the least fair.

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