Simon Jordan has called on the EFL to introduce a salary cap to help clubs survive, before slamming ideas that parachute payments to the likes of West Brom are ‘evil’.

Most clubs in the Championship have been helped by players taking wage deferrals during the enforced lockdown to help with finances.

On top of that, a number of clubs such as West Brom, Huddersfield and Fulham will still be receiving parachute payments from the Premier League.

west brom

Jordan slammed comments suggesting that is wrong, whilst also urging the EFL to make a change to their current regime.

“Why they can’t work is because they won’t enforce it now. Rick Parry has the strength now because they need it now. They can’t survive. They need help. They need it to help them,” he told talkSPORT.

“Now you have a situation where they really do need it.

“They’ve got a leader, [even if] I don’t agree with him about parachute payments; I think it’s a bit rich for the person behind parachute payments to now describe them as the greatest evil.”

west brom

The Birmingham Mail released a report last season, detailing that the Baggies are now in their penultimate season of payments from the top-flight.

It is suggested that these payments help with the downfall in broadcast and commercial revenues lost through relegation and that it is a ready-made safety net to ensure the worst damage is mitigated.

Jordan is right to suggest that calling the scheme ‘evil’ is rich, afterall, there are no guarantees that it gives clubs an advantage over their rivals.

Take Huddersfield and Cardiff for example, both clubs haven’t exactly enjoyed a great campaign this season after crashing down from the top-flight, and they still have some years of payments to come.

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