Former Aston Villa player Gabriel Agbonlahor has made himself out to look like a right idiot with his attempted dig at West Brom on Friday.

Agbonlahor told Sky Sports News’s The Football Show that he does not see the point of the Baggies winning promotion back to the Premier League because they usually go straight back down.

Agbonlahor’s precious Villa are on the brink of getting instantly relegated to the Championship after a woeful first season back in the Premier League but, clearly, Albion are the team who cannot establish themselves in the top-flight.

west brom

“West Brom, you know, they keep coming up and going back down so I don’t see the point in West Brom coming back to the Premier League,” said Agbonlahor.

Poor Gabby.

Not only is his yo-yo dig at West Brom completely out of date as the Baggies haven’t been swapping and changing leagues for over a decade now, but his beloved Aston Villa now fit that tag a lot better.

west brom

Villa are close to being relegated back to the Championship despite spending well over £100million on transfers this season.

And Agbonlahor clearly cannot bear the thought of his former club being replaced by West Brom, who are just two wins away from mathematically securing their promotion.

There’s no doubt that the Seals will be clapping away at Agbonlahor’s stupid remark about the Baggies – even though it’s usually them claiming that we’re the obsessed ones.

In other West Brom news, Adrian Durham has slammed this Albion player after a clip of him went viral on Twitter.

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  1. Gabby not the brightest is he.
    His hatred for us is just sad and clearly clouds the few remaining brain cells he has left..

    Arrogant fool.. COYB.


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