Stan Collymore claim suggests Guochuan Lai might be looking to sell West Brom soon

China’s state television broadcaster CCTV will no longer be airing Premier League matches – which could have a knock-on effect at West Brom.

As reported by Professor Simon Chadwick, a professor of Eurasian Sport, China has announced that amid growing tensions between Beijing and London, Premier League fixtures will no longer be aired by CCTV despite them still holding the broadcasting rights.

Bloomberg adds that Liverpool’s win against Chelsea was not aired on CCTV-5, as planned, Wednesday and was instead relegated to a channel with a smaller viewership.

West Brom, ironically, secured their promotion to the Premier League on Wednesday and the friction between China and the UK could lead to Baggies owner Guochuan Lai selling up, according to Stan Collymore.

The former Aston Villa player suggested that any Chinese-owned clubs in England may well be up for grabs in light of this news from the Far East.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Collymore said: “Very interesting. Looks like China will flex it’s financial muscle in all sorts of ways. Got a Chinese owner? You may not for much longer.”

As much as people don’t like it, politics is a part of football and political decisions on the other side of the world can have an impact on what is going on at the 2020/21 Premier League’s newest entrant.

Lai has been a very quiet owner during his time in charge at West Brom. In fact, he has barely stepped his foot inside The Hawthorns since buying the Black Country club off Jeremy Peace in 2016 for around £200million.

Would we be against him selling up?

West Brom’s purchase of Yuning Zhang and the £4.1million loan Lai owes the club are definitely two of the worst things he’s responsible for. But, when you look at some of the worst club owners in football, Lai’s transgressions simply fail to stack up to them.

He seems to have a lot of faith in his people in the Black Country to run his club and based on winning promotion back to the Premier League this season, his faith is well-placed.

It may be a case of the better the devil you know in this instance but if tensions between China and the UK reach breaking point, it would not be a shock to see him put the club on the market.

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