Former West Brom head of media Chris Lepowski has hit back at ex-Albion striker Nicolas Anelka for his comments about the club. 
The Frenchman spent a miserable spell at The Hawthorns between 2013 and 2014, scoring just twice and courting controversy after performing an anti-semitic salute known as a quenelle to celebrate a goal against West Ham.
A new documentary entitled ‘Anelka: Misunderstood’ recently landed on streaming platform Netflix, chronicling the striker’s troubled career and relying on testimony from the man himself.
During the film, Anelka gives a less than positive account of his time in the midlands, but Lepkowski has responded with an equally barbed assessment of the period.
Writing on his personal Twitter account, he said: “Utter arrogance re his West Brom spell. His comments about Steve Clarke are v poor.
“At no point did he look fit (pre-season, as cited, means **** all in real PL terms). He was poor. Also, West Ham game was 2 weeks after Clarke left so to say the quenelle was protest at SC is odd.

“His whole attitude at West Brom stank of self-indulgence – one of doing Albion a favour. Indeed a common thread throughout this doc is the lack of respect towards coaches. Big shame Clarke didn’t speak out more about him. SC is a good man who didn’t deserve these Anelka slurs.

“I can only refer those who aren’t aware of this time at Albion to the utter indifference he showed towards West Brom when he signed. It was a move that he clearly regretted from the start. And one, I know, Albion also came very quickly to regret.”

These are strong words from Lepkowski, and clearly reflect on how disastrous Anelka’s spell at West Brom was for everybody involved.

The Athletic produced a piece in May looking back on the Frenchman’s time at The Hawthorns, stating that he was popular among teammates and largely very polite.

But it’s also evident that he clashed with management, and there was an unshakable feeling of apathy that shrouded his entire spell with the Baggies.

That in itself would be bad enough, but to then come out and paint such a poor picture of the club years after the fact is not a great reflection on his character either.

Lepkowski’s retort may be frank and cutting, but at least somebody is giving Albion’s side of the story.

In other West Brom news, Albion are set to bid £7.2million for this international attacker.

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