West Brom midfielder Romaine Sawyers has admitted that he views Leicester City “late bloomer” Jamie Vardy as a real inspiration ahead of his own Premier League journey. 

The 28-year-old is set for his first foray into the top flight next season after helping the Baggies to clinch automatic promotion last month.

And while he may not emulate the Foxes striker in terms of his goalscoring exploits, Sawyers sees Vardy as a player who joined the Premier League at a similarly late stage of his career that he can look up to, alongside Brighton midfielder Adam Lallana.

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Speaking to PA Sport, as quoted by BT Sport, he said:  “We can’t all be Rooneys, it would be great to be Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard or Wayne Rooney because they are exceptional talents,.

“But there will be more Adam Lallanas and Jamie Vardys and I can now be used as an example. Lallana was one who stuck in my head. He was maybe 25 or 26 when he first played in the Premier League and it gives you a real sense of belief you don’t have to make the Premier League at 22.

“Vardy was a late bloomer and they are a real inspiration for you to try and take the next step.

“It’s good motivation for the so-called next me. Not in terms of my playing style but the kid who is at a club and has to go down the leagues. I could be an example now I’ve reached the Premier League.”

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We love this positive outlook from Sawyers.

It doesn’t matter how he got there, or how long it took him to get there, all that matters is that he will be a Premier League player next season.

There is such a tendency in professional football to write players off if they haven’t reached certain benchmarks in their careers at certain points.

But everybody develops at different rates, and Sawyers is absolutely spot on here – Vardy and Lallana are perfect examples of what so-called “late bloomers” can achieve.

If Sawyers can have even a fraction of the success that the title-winning pair have enjoyed, then both he and West Brom will have had a very happy run in the top flight.

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