The EFL have failed with a request to be allocated West Brom’s last remaining parachute payment, according to The Athletic

The governing body are understood to be feeling the financial effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and have looked to recoup some of their lost funds by asking the Premier League to redistribute that money as part of a rescue package.

As reported by the Daily Mail last week, a similar request involving Fulham was rejected.

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Under current rules, any parachute payments that are due to promoted clubs default back to the Premier League.

West Brom were due to be paid a third and final payment of £15 million following their relegation from the top flight in 2018, but will no longer be due that amount now that they have returned to the top flight

And The Athletic reports that, much like in the case of Fulham’s £34 million payment, the EFL will not see a penny of it either.

An executive for the governing body said: “The Premier League clubs will shrug their shoulders.

“There’s no real expectation that they will do anything to assist but I think there’s a desperate desire for them to do so.

“There are a lot of Premier League owners who have been shielded from the fact it could be them in the Championship next years.

“It’s frustrating. It’s difficult to be angry when it’s not the EFL’s money in the first place, but I think it’s the industry’s money. There’s a long-overdue redistribution needed for the sake of the game as a whole.”

west brom

This does feel a little harsh on the EFL.

Times are extremely hard for everybody at the moment, but whereas the Premier League and its clubs have a fairly decent cushion between themselves and total disaster, a lot of the Football League are not so fortunate.

As pointed out by The Athletic, that money wasn’t the EFL’s in the first place, but had West Brom and Fulham failed to secure promotion this season it would have been pumped back into their pyramid.

You would like to think that there would be a greater desire to find a unified solution to the financial rigours of the pandemic, but the concern here will be that the Premier League are quite happy to entrench the stratification of the English game by prioritising their own wellbeing when others are in desperate need of assistance.

In other West Brom news, Richard Keys has tipped Bilic to leave The Hawthorns before Christmas.

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  1. The EFL is clearly desperate. They have no claim on these provisional parasite payments. There’s every
    chance my team will be back in the EFL next season but I still don’t think the Prem should pay the EFL these monies.


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