Athletic journalist Steve Madeley has delivered a fascinating update on the West Brom deal that could yet see Kamil Grosicki move to Nottingham Forest.

It had earlier been claimed that Forest were expecting to hear by today whether the deal would be ratified by the EFL after the paperwork was submitted late. [Nottingham Post]

Madeley has revealed just how ridiculous the saga is, with the forms reportedly being submitted just 21 seconds after the 17.00 deadline.

The lawyers are now arguing that because it was still 17.00 and not 17.01, that the deal should be ratified.

west brom


21 seconds. There’s a song by the So Solid Crew with that title and the lyrics seem very fitting for the EFL here.

“Ha, ha, ha, whatcha laughin at?
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha”

This isn’t just a deal that affects two clubs, West Brom and Nottingham Forest, this is a player’s career that we’re talking about.

Grosicki, through no fault of his own, is in limbo and has currently been left out of West Brom’s Premier League squad.

Rules are rules and it’s obviously arch stupidity on someone’s fault that the forms were submitted 21 seconds late.

How can that happen when you’ve had a full window to get your business done?

However, given that the rules are vague and the clock still said 17.00, the EFL needs to rubber-stamp the deal and move on.

It can then clarify the rules if it wants to. Just don’t ruin a player’s career over such a stupid amount of time.

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