talkSPORT pundit Ally McCoist has said that he is hoping for “fireworks” in the next Premier League meeting as the controversy over the PPV games – and clubs like West Brom getting treated unfairly – grows. 

McCoist said that he agreed “100%” with a West Brom fan who said the Baggies had been treated unfairly with no games selected for normal TV across October or November.

West Brom have been condemned to the 5.30pm slot on Monday – the last two games were played there as will be the game against Fulham next week. Fans will have had to pay close to £45 to watch them on top of their existing subscriptions.

Talking on the Breakfast show (talkSPORT, Wednesday, 6.30am) McCoist said, “We had a west Brom fan on yesterday and he said that clubs like his seem to get singled out more than the big clubs.

“They think they’ve been unfairly treated and I sympathise with that.

“We’re 100% in agreement and I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

“They’ve missed the feeling, what the public is thinking and I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

“Let’s hope for some fireworks in the next meeting and that they change their mind

“Surely, with the groundswell of all supporters, surely in November 5 they will change this position.”

Things must change

The Premier League missed a chance to right the wrong over the PPV games in a shareholder meeting this week.

It was announced that the PPV games would continue as they had been, with fans getting charged £14.95 per match, until at least the next meeting on November 5.

It shows how far out of touch they are, with fans of all clubs boycotting the broadcasts.

This will inevitably push fans who would never normally watch illegal streams into seeking them out.

There’s no one that seems in favour of the current model continuing apart from the men at the top of the game and clubs like West Brom are getting hit the hardest.

It’s one thing paying £14.95 for a game at 3pm on a Saturday. It’s entirely another paying that for a game on Monday afternoon.

Things have to change.

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