West Brom-linked businessman Mark Campbell faces a winding-up petition amid rumours that he’s looking to buy Albion from Guochuan Lai.

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that Campbell, 47, is fronting one of the three consortiums who are trying to buy West Brom from Chinese businessman Lai.

However, based on everything we’ve read about Campbell, we don’t want him anywhere near The Hawthorns.

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Not only has the British, New York-based businessman had to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit out of court [Scottish Sun], but his business Fairway Sports Capital Ltd faces the possibility of being wound-up.

On The Gazette website, it shows that accountants and business advisors Alliotts have lodged a petition to wind up Fairway Sports Capital Ltd, who Campbell is the director of [Companies House].

The case will be heard at The Companies Court on January 22.

It was Fairway Sports Capital Ltd who had previously held talks about buying Sunderland while Campbell’s company’s website doesn’t even really say anything about who they are and what they do.

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Campbell would make Lai seem like a god

It seems unlikely that someone who was made bankrupt 10 years ago while running a pub [Daily Record] would pass all of the Premier League’s tests but either way, let’s hope Lai doesn’t sell to Campbell.

Lai isn’t the best owner but he is also nowhere near being the worst.

He bought West Brom almost five years ago from Jeremy Peace and since then, the club has spent two years in the Championship and has managed to return to the Premier League.

Lai’s a silent owner who wants the club to be self-sufficient and basically run itself while he’s off presiding over his eco-town businesses in the Far East. He never promised us the world and he never promised major investment either.

Lai hasn’t broken any promises but he hasn’t run the club the way we fans would want him to.

Campbell, on the other hand, seems like he is capable of running West Brom into the ground if he manages to get his hands on the Black Country outfit.

Please, Lai. Do not sell up to this man.

In other West Brom news, Jeremy Peace is continuing to hold Albion back.

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