Former referee Dermot Gallagher claimed West Brom got away with one against Burnley as the Clarets should’ve had a penalty.

In the second half, the ball struck Kyle Bartley’s arm inside the Albion box and nothing was given before VAR had a second look at the decision.

VAR decided there was no foul and play continued as normal but Gallagher insists the officials at Stockley Park got their decision wrong.

West Brom

“I think it’s an error of judgment,” Gallagher told Sky Sports News’ Ref Watch segment.

“I think they’ve looked at it too analytically, I think it’s a penalty when you put your arm out there.

“There are a few good clues. When the ball bounces in front of Brownhill and Bartley, Bartley’s arms are actually by his side.

“He puts his arms out, whether he put his arms out because he’s trying to chest the ball, I don’t know, but he clearly puts his arms out, bounces up and strikes his arm.”

west brom

It looked like a penalty at the time and it was quite surprising to see the decision go our way considering out luck with VAR this season.

Perhaps this was the Premier League’s way of saying sorry to us for all the bad decisions this year.

Or maybe the officials are just bad at their jobs, which seems like a much more likely option.

In all seriousness though, we have got away with one here as we’ve managed to stay in the game and get a point with 10 men.

A penalty to Burnley would’ve all but handed them a win and dented our already fading hopes of staying up.

We can only hope that VAR continues to be our friend over the next few weeks with our chances of staying up looking bleaker every week.

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