Paul Scharner made the West Brom headlines on Monday after claiming he would love to replace Luke Dowling as Sporting Director at The Hawthorns.

The Austrian and Baggies hero admitted that he believes his former side should be aiming for Europe rather than battling Premier League relegation each season.

Luke Dowling and the board have been heavily criticised in recent years, with their work in the transfer window underwhelming, to say the least.

West Brom

It isn’t hard to get behind this.

Scharner is full of passion about the club, and that is exactly what we need, especially after years of having no connection with those who are running the club.

Guochuan Lai has taken the Albion as far as he can, and it is about time he leaves the ship as well, making way for someone who has a clear goal to take it forward and re-establish ourselves in the Premier League.

As much as we hate to use them, Leeds have shown how positive a return to the Premier League can be with their transparency at board level.

Scharner spent most of the day on Monday responding to fans who had doubts, claiming that his lack of qualifications wouldn’t make much difference to the job he could do, and we have to admire that.

West Brom

Many West Brom fans have reacted to Scharners’ comments on Monday, and they were delighted with the honesty on show from the ex-defender.

The majority admitted they were sold by his vision for the Albion, and that they would welcome him through the doors tomorrow if they could.

West Brom News have picked out some of the best reactions below…

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  1. I have always thought of Scharner and Bilic [and Jonas] as intelligent, passionate characters, who took an interest in the roots of the club and the local history. Proud to have anyone like that looking out for the Albion.

  2. I can’t disagree with that. Jonas the viking.
    I remember when some of our less intelligent supporters at the front of the Brummie continuously having a go at Scot Carson and Jonas turning around berating the idiots.

    I can never understand why some of our more moronic fans have a go at our own players (even if they are poor) while there actually playing. Its the best way a fan can help the opposition especially your own keeper.

    It seems some fans just have to bully some one and in a crowd they rarely have to answer for their actions. Heroes.

    Jonas was right to try and help Scot. A real bloke. Loved him. We need another one.


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