Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett has said what all West Brom fans have been thinking for the past few months. 

This weekend, Lee Mason made a mess of a Brighton free kick in our 1-0 win at The Hawthorns as confusion reigned for almost ten minutes before their ‘goal’ was disallowed.

Hackett went on TalkSPORT to try and explain what Mason had done and he had some very strong words for the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Board).

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“Knowing Mike Riley, he’ll give Lee Mason a game tomorrow,” Hackett told TalkSPORT.

“There really is no accountability at the PGMOL. They go from one crisis to the next and we highlight them every week.

“Referees need support and sometimes that means to take them out of games, not to punish but to aid the recovery process.”

We have been saying for months that the referees in the Premier League simply aren’t good enough and when referees make mistakes they should be punished.

We’ve been on the end of some terrible refereeing decisions this season.

David Coote changing his mind about a stonewall penalty at Old Trafford, Paul Tierney sending off Matheus Pereira for an accidental coming together against Crystal Palace.

Both of these refs were in charge of games the very next week and were not punished for their game-changing mistakes.

We don’t have an agenda against referees but they can’t keep getting away with making horrendous errors.

Luckily, Mason’s poor reffing actually benefitted us this weekend which came as a surprise to many Albion fans.

This doesn’t change the fact that the standard of refereeing in the Premier League is awful and there are no consequences for officials doing bad work.

The only ref we’ve seen step back this season is Mike Dean and that came after he suffered horrendous abuse on social media.

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The current crop of referees simply aren’t good enough and there is plenty of time left this season for us to be shafted by the men with the whistle and a questionable at best VAR system.

We hope Mason is dropped from officiating duties this weekend so he doesn’t have the chance to make himself look uneducated once again.

Thank you to Hackett for finally speaking out, hopefully his words spark some sort of change at PGMOL.

In other West Brom news, Gary Lineker is calling for a rule change after what he saw happen in Albion’s win over Brighton.

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  1. In this case I think it would be helping Mason if he took early retirement from being an on pitch ref. I’m sure the refs association or whatever can find him an office job.


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