We’re delighted to welcome former Premier League referee Keith Hackett as our exclusive West Brom columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at The Hawthorns…

Keith Hackett believes that West Brom have been on the receiving end of some bad refereeing decisions this season in the Premier League.

The Baggies have reacted with rage at numerous key incidents, including games against the so-called top six like the 1-0 defeat at Manchester United.

Hackett responded to claims that the Albion have been treated unfairly because they’re a so-called smaller team in the Premier League.

Speaking exclusively to West Brom News, Hackett said, “I think every referee goes out to be fair.

“Looking at the scenarios, of course, on most occasions West Brom are defending rather than attacking, and therefore they are getting more fouls against them.

“I do think, however, West Brom have been on the receiving end of some pretty poor decisions throughout the season. Is that because the referees themselves are not concentrating as much?

“Are they thinking that the games are easy? You’ll never convince a spectator of a team that they are being treated fairly. I do think there are incidents that they can be displeased with.”

West Brom

Not good enough.

The standards of officiating and technology in the Premier League this season have been shocking, and every fan of each club will agree with that.

In the case of the Albion, though, it has been even worst than that.

There have been far too many occasions where we have watched games in disbelief that certain things are happening, and that defeat at Old Trafford sums it up perfectly.

For fans to believe that officials are doing the best they can, there has to be a level of consistency, and how the Baggies didn’t get a penalty of their own against Manchester United is beyond us.

Hackett may not be able to give a definitive answer, but it is clear that there is something wrong with the standards of officiating; that must change.

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