Charlie Austin has hit out at the ‘Big Six’ and wants the Premier League to dish out heavy sanctions that could have huge ramifications on West Brom.

The 31-year-old is currently out on loan at Championship outfit QPR but he has reacted with rage at the news that burst out of the top-tier on Sunday night.

It concerns Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, who announced that they made up half of the 12 founding clubs of the ‘European Super League’, a new midweek competition involving Spanish and Italian sides. [BBC]

West Brom

But its effects are likely to be far-reaching and could cause substantial hits to many clubs all over England

Austin took to his personal Twitter profile to profess his outrage at the major development and made a big request to the Premier League.

He said: “Football as we know it in this country is going to be smashed to pieces! These six clubs are a shambles and just proves this game is all about money to them!

“Void the League Cup final [on] Sunday! Dock them all points and relegate them! No longer the working mans’ game!”

Sensational respite for Albion?

Austin has gone big and he wants the six clubs docked points and relegated from the top-tier.

That’s a big claim but probably one shared by most football fans outside of those teams at the moment.

There has been mass anger across the board as it threatens to rip the heart out of English football and the pyramid that has been created.

Just imagine if Austin’s idea was carried through. That would be the biggest clubs in the country booted out of the Premier League leaving just 14 left.

It’s not out of the question given a statement on the UEFA website, endorsed by the Premier League, said clubs would be banned from domestic leagues if the ESL becomes reality.

west brom



Surely if that happened then the authorities would have to cancel relegation? Promoting nine Championship sides to make up the deficit is surely too much and risks affecting one integrity of the competition even more.

Because why should the ninth-placed side in the second-tier be rewarded ahead of West Brom who have shown they can compete against the big boys?

Getting rid of the six shamed sides is an unthinkable thought but if it did happen Albion would surely benefit from a Premier League reprieve.

There isn’t much to get excited about with this reveal of greed but we’re relishing just the very thought of operating in a higher division than the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United.

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  1. Sure, the “big six” [Chelsea? Spurs? Big?] will be relegated and Barcelona will pay up what they owe us. Dream on, Charlie, although I agree it should happen. This is an American culture – no promotion/relegation, just a fixed league – not a European one, but money finds it’s level and we live in a capitalist world, so this is what happens. The bottom line is money, so any arguments about aesthetics, morals, historical attachments to our clubs, fairness, etc., don’t matter. If you subscribe to televised football, then you are a part of the structure that ends up at a closed-shop, globally-marketed, European Super League. That’s a fact.

  2. I’m all for it as long as they are kicked out of the Premier league FA CUP and league cup. English football will survive and find it’s own level without them.
    The premier league has to change. It’s corrupt. This is an opportunity to sort it out. A new way needs to be found. Football needs external independent governance. Here’s the chance to appoint that body and remove the Premier league cronies.

    Is it too much to ask for the disgusting Greedy revolting see gratifying Americans and Co. to take VAR and the so called elite but corrupt refs with them.

    Sorry but I’m loving this. Let them go and kick them out. That’s my slogan.

  3. If it did happen Albion would get a Premier league reprieve. So what. It would be a completely different league. The value of clubs would more than halve as the big TV money disappears to the super league. Club’s could quite easily go bust overnight. Players salaries would drop to a much more sustainable and reasonable level very quickly instead of the obscene current levels. Except in the super league obviously.

    The changes would be massive. Premier League what Premier league. It will be league 1,2,3 and 4.

    Transfer fee caps. Salary caps. Lower ticket prices. Level playing field. What’s not to like. If you don’t do it then Everton Newcastle Leeds Villa become the next Man United’s and Liverpool’s and nothing changes but everything’s smaller. much less.

    Personally I wouldn’t watch the Super League. I don’t watch the Champioons league now.

    I really don’t care if we don’t play the top 6. In fact I’d rather not.

    Lai’s club will be worth South of £75 Mil but my club will be worth more to me.

    Don’t relegate them. Get rid with no return.

    Let them go and kick them out.


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