By Pranav Shahaney

20th May, 2021 | 11:30am

Big Slam slams Michail Antonio for West Brom long-ball comments

West Brom boss Sam Allardyce has slammed West Ham striker Michail Antonio for the claims he made about the Baggies’ playing style after the 3-1 win on Wednesday.

The English forward, who has three goals in his last four games, commented on West Brom’s route one style of play with them constantly hitting long balls into the stride of their attacking players.

This claim did not sit well with Allardyce, who on Sky Sports, made it a point to show Antonio his place.

Via their Twitter account, the departing West Brom boss said, “Unlike Michail Antonio’s statement that I just heard before he came out here. Saying we got big men that just play it in the channel, he just insulted me and my team so I know he is a nice lad but it was disgusting what he said.

“So I think he should go back and watch the game and see how we really played. I mean, our front two are 5’10 and 5’9 so I don’t know what big he thought we could hit into the channel.

“You never talk about anything else, just like Michail Antonio just said it, ‘Sam is long ball.’ It is a load of crap.

“It always has been a load of crap because I never played the same way at any football club I’ve ever been at and if you thought that was long ball today, then somebody is deluded.”

Put him in his place

The West Ham striker analysed our playing style without any nuance or rationale behind it and deservedly got owned by one of the best post-game talkers.

He had no right to make such claims about Big Sam or our philosophy and we’re delighted that he put the English forward in his place.

As Allardyce rightly pointed out that he doesn’t play an identical brand of football everywhere, but instead adapts to the players he’s got at that club.

His stint under us has in no way been boring. Yes, there have been games where we’ve sat with a low block and then tried scoring on the counter, but it’s important that the quality of the opposition is also taken into consideration.

Hopefully, Allardyce can enjoy one last hurrah and go out on a winning note against Leeds United on the final day.

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