By Danny Wright

23rd May, 2021 | 4:40pm

Liam Cooper should have been sent off for Leeds in first half v West Brom

Liam Cooper smashed his forearm into Darnell Furlong’s face and was only booked for his dangerous challenge in the first half of Leeds United versus West Brom.

In the opening phases of play, Furlong found himself wide on the right and running towards the corner flag.

Cooper looked towards Furlong and got his measure of the West Brom right-back, as you can see in the image below.

He then proceeded to raise his arm and smash his forearm into Furlong.

For good measure, Cooper then seem to leave his arm up for way longer than he needed to, just to ensure that Furlong couldn’t get past him and win the ball in a dangerous area of the pitch.

It’s pretty clear that Cooper intentionally raised his arm to a point where he knew it would make contact with Furlong.

The Albion right-back was then completely decked by the thuggish Scotland international, who made no fair attempt to win the ball.

It’s not the only incident too.

With the game being played at 100mph, Leeds seemed intent on leaving their mark on all of West Brom’s players with Conor Gallagher getting the rough treatment throughout the opening 45 minutes.

Coote is meant to be a Premier League referee but he didn’t seem to have much control over what was happening in that first half.

We can only hope Sam Allardyce has strong words with him at the break.

In other West Brom news, Albion would have to pay £700,000 to hire this manager who’s admired by the board.

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