By Rob Jarvis

15th Aug, 2021 | 7:10am

Ian Holloway shares verdict on Valerien Ismael after West Brom win v Luton

West Brom picked up their first win of the Championship season on Saturday, beating Luton 3-2.

Despite going three goals to the good, Valerien Ismael wasn’t best pleased with the defending on show after that.

Ian Holloway insisted that the Frenchman won’t put up with what he saw in the final half-an-hour from his side.

Speaking last night for EFL on Quest, Holloway believes that after the substitutions were made, it went downhill.

“Will that manager put up with that? I can’t see it,” he said.

“He wants everybody chasing round like a chicken with their head cut off, if you don’t, he’s not going to have it.

“Today, it was alarming that they were three-nil up, made some subs, he’s not going to have that, 3-2? He won’t put up with it.”


What was more alarming for us was the calamitous defending and errors on show for both goals that we eventually conceded.

Even Sam Johnstone looked all over the place for the second one, and he is usually one of the calmest figures on the pitch – with that earlier collision maybe affecting him.

Thankfully, despite the mountain of stoppage time, we took home the three points and it is now about building on that momentum.

There are still two weeks to go in this window, and our substitutions proved that we need more work in the market during that time.

Hopefully, that can get done, and we will look much stronger for it.

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