By Callum O'Connell

16th Nov, 2023 | 10:03am

West Brom blow on the cards over new EFL deal as 'genuine financial peril' detailed by Sky journalist

West Brom could receive a financial blow as Premier League owners are unsure about sums they would have to commit to a £900million+ financial redistribution deal with the English Football League, according to Mark Kleinman.

The Sky News journalist claimed via CityAM on 16 November that some Premier League owners outside of the big six teams believe the deal as it is currently structured could leave them in “genuine financial peril”.

This comes as EFL clubs reportedly requested they be given half of the first instalment of the new deal payments up front, which has hardened the resolve of PL owners to delay making a formal decision.

The deal in question would likely see new broadcast rights increase again, although the latest round of bidding will not be resolved for several months, although the economic environment has left clubs unsure of their income.

As a result, they are not willing to commit to a decision surrounding the amount of money they will be losing in payments to the EFL which they believe may be better suited to remaining in their pockets to keep up the running of their clubs before others are prioritised.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters had hoped to push the deal through this month, but the complaints from several owners have led to delays as they wish to push the formal decision back until amendments can be made.

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Many of those issues come from the fact there would be a large up-front payment despite having no line of site to their future income or benefits of the deal, which has caused concerns there may be huge financial losses for some of the smaller clubs in the league.

West Brom were among clubs in the EFL set to benefit from this new deal as it would have seen more money coming their way amid financial concerns at the club after the Premier League’s parachute payments ended at the close of last season.

Kleinman has claimed that clinching this vote is fast becoming a test of the Premier League leadership’s credibility, with the decision makers at the top now seemingly dictated to by the concerns of wealthy owners.

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