According to a stat from Infogol, West Brom are on track to be one of the worst attacking sides in Premier League history. 

The football analysts at Infogol have created a chart that shows the number of goals a side is expected to concede in a game (xGA) and the amount of goals a side is expected to score in a game (xGF).

Both stats make grim reading for Albion as the chart has the Baggies down as having the worst attack and worst defence in the Premier League this season.

Slaven Bilic’s side are expected to concede two goals every game while they’re only expected to score 0.6 goals a game.

There is no way of hiding how bad that stat is. We all know Albion aren’t having the best season but when you see graphics like this it really puts into perspective how bad the Baggies have been.

Look how far adrift Albion are on the graph. The only club close to matching the Baggies’ appalling record is Burnley, who are registering an xGF of 0.8.

It takes some doing to be worse in attack that Sean Dyche’s Burnley, famously one of the most uninspiring teams in Premier League history.

It is obvious that West Brom need to improve drastically but when you see experts saying that the Baggies could finish this season with the worst attack ever seen in the Premier League it is time to panic.

Bilic brought in the striker he wanted this summer and secured the permanent services of Matheus Pereira and Grady Diangana. While this isn’t a leading Premier League attack, Bilic should be getting a lot more from that front three.

The Croatian needs to work out how to do that very quickly with a report in The Mirror suggesting that the Baggies boss is close to losing his job.

We aren’t quite sure that we realised how bleak the situation was until we saw this graph, even that Derby side of 2007/08 had their first win by this point in the season.

In other West Brom news, Jake Livermore has tipped one of his teammates to go all the way to the top.

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