West Brom fans have been hit with exciting news, with the club reportedly in talks with a US group about a possible £150m takeover. 

According to a report in the Telegraph, Guochuan Lai has already turned one bid down but remains in talks over a potential £150m deal.

That price is the sticking point at the moment after a poor start to the season has left the club’s Premier League future in doubt.

The price of a club like West Brom will always be fluid.

If the club were mid-table and looking safe in the top-flight after Christmas then the £150m price tag might not be such an issue.

However, if things don’t pick up on the pitch then a much lower price might have to be agreed on. West Brom would not be worth £150m in the Championship.

Remember that Lai paid around £200m for the club so is already willing to take a loss.

There are plenty of fans who are desperate for a deal to go through. However, at the moment, we don’t know who the consortium is.

And there are some fans who are more circumspect about the whole thing – and rightly so.

One fan summed it up perfectly when he said, “Please if this goes through be a good owner. I want Lai out as much as the next fan but if it means an owner comes in who’s even worse I’d rather stick with Lai.”

There are many others, though, who want Lai out and are deliriously excited by the news about the takeover.

We can understand this as well. The Lai ownership isn’t working out at the moment.

Here are the best reactions to the major takeover news…

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