By Rob Jarvis

22nd Sep, 2021 | 7:10am

Joseph Masi shares verdict on West Brom towel carnage

Joseph Masi has shared his verdict as West Brom and their long throw-ins continue to cause carnage in the Championship.

Darnell Furlong has become a real weapon for the Baggies this season, but opposition teams are starting to become frustrated.

It started with fans handing Furlong their jumpers at Peterborough, and the goal against Preston sent the home side over the edge.

Speaking on the Baggies Broadcast podcast this week, Masi shared his understanding on the matter.

“It was my understanding that basically the referee goes to both managers before the game and says do you want towels there?” he said.

“Or Albion have requested to have towels as they are always going to do it. I think you definitely have to ask.

“It’s got to be an advantage for both teams.”


Preston were fuming after Furlong stole a few yards on Saturday, and we all saw the scenes at Peterborough as we continued to use that jumper.

It can’t be too much of an advantage if both teams use the towel, which is something that looks to be discussed before every game.

Furlong is laughing and so are we as this continues, with teams more bothered about the carnage it causes rather than coming up with a way to stop it.

No one has had the answer to one of our biggest weapons, and that will continue to benefit the Baggies as we move forward.

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