By Jack Cunningham

15th Nov, 2021 | 6:10pm

Keith Hackett discusses the introduction of VAR in the EFL: Could impact West Brom

Keith Hackett believes that the EFL should introduce VAR into the Championship, which could impact West Brom.

Blackpool’s boss Neil Critchley revealed recently that he thinks VAR should be in the Championship and picked out a few incidents that have gone against his team this season [Blackpool Gazette].

The Tangerines play the Baggies soon, and it appears as if Critchley is trying to put public pressure on the EFL to try and introduce the system.

Speaking exclusively to West Brom News, Hackett revealed his support for the idea: “As I understand it, what IFAB and FIFA are attempting to do is have a low-cost VAR system, and I think it’s under development at this stage because there are African countries who would love to have it.

“I do think in the Championship there’s got to be serious consideration for its introduction because I think the competition is tight.

I do think it’s a positive tool. Can the Football League afford it? Can the PGMOL have sufficient officials available to monitor it?

“I think from the PGMOL’s view, it’s about who is going to pay for it, and that then rests [on] the Championship because it’s not cheap.”

Big calls from Hackett.

If FIFA and IFAB are developing a new and cheaper system, then why aren’t the Championship all over this?

There are a number of dreadful decisions most game weeks, so you would hope that the introduction of VAR could reduce those errors.

However, given that they still have huge problems with VAR in the Premier League, we can see why they might be reluctant to use it.

Remember, the officials in the Premier League are supposed to be the best available in the country.

So, the ones in the Championship aren’t really up to standard, and the introduction of VAR could make things worse if the officials weren’t trained properly.

However, if they were trained, then why shouldn’t VAR be introduced?

It probably has to happen at some point, and it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing if used correctly, and it could benefit the Baggies.

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