By Jack Cunningham

15th Nov, 2021 | 9:30am

Luke Hatfield baffled by West Brom Nathan Ferguson tribunal

West Brom journalist Luke Hatfield has been left baffled by the result of the Nathan Ferguson tribunal.

The Professional Football Compensation Committee decided that because of the 21-year-old’s injury and history, Crystal Palace only had to pay £900,000 to the Baggies as opposed to the original £8million that was agreed [The Athletic].

This represents a substantial financial blow to West Brom, and they have lost out on a huge amount of money because of it.

Speaking to Give Me Sport, the Express and Star reporter, said: “I was dumbfounded by it, to be honest with you, when it broke.”

West Brom lose out yet again.

You can see why Hatfield has been left baffled by the outcome as the Baggies were hoping to net a lot more.

However, the ruling went totally against the Baggies, and they have lost out on a substantial amount of money.

We can’t imagine the fact that Ferguson hasn’t played a single game for the Eagles yet helped at all, but the ruling still feels as though it was harsh on Albion.

You would have thought that the money won in the Ferguson tribunal could have been used to help Valerien Ismael improve his squad in January.

However, it is unlikely that £900,000 will go very far in the Championship, and the Baggies might have to find some money from somewhere else if they want to strengthen their squad.

Overall, this has turned out to be a nightmare for the Baggies, and it seems incredible they are walking away with so little money.

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